Thursday, October 1, 2009

Plus I have been creating lots of new dolls for ebay

Life the last 5 months

I have been lucky enough to stay up at Boulevard CA for the last 5 months. My girlfriends were there this summer with me and I also ended up with some new girlfriends.

It has been one big party all summer to the point that I was actually glad to come home so I could rest. We went on lots of off road rides with friends and about a month ago I was lucky enough to help with a donation ride.

A local Border Patrol agent was killed by illegals who had jumped the border. He left behind two little children and a beautiful wife. Our ride was called Poker run to the clouds. You could by hands for $5 each and all the money collected was donated to the family. Over $2000 was collected. You can click on the agents photo to see the event pixs.

2009-09-07 Agent Rosas Sept 5th ronnies pixs

Monday, March 23, 2009

Riding in the desert this winter

My husband I took the plunge and bought a Ranger Polaris. We live about 5 miles from the desert and most of my friends go out and ride in the desert. It's now taken the place of going to Mexico to the beach for me.

We live close to Mexico but this is a very scary time to go over there. You don't know if you are going to get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time with all the drug wars going on. I really miss the beach and the everyday people of Mexico but after 12 years it was time to change our course in life.

we go out riding in the desert every week right now while it's cool. In face just got back this Monday afternoon from a 2 hour ride. The flowers are still blooming for now and the wind blew last night so the sand was smooth and beautiful.
Last week I went on a 7 hour ride with a group of friends (the hubby had to work)
We rode over by AZ where they are putting a new huge cement canal that is running right through the desert. It's just amazing!!! I'll post some pics to give an idea. (Oh by the way I am the chubby girl in the red blouse whose stomach is as big as her boob's Darn it!!!)

New dolls for March 23 on ebay

Saturday, January 10, 2009

items on ebay

Where the Banana dolls are made

My adventure at the Imperial Valley desert

Well I decided this year for New Years I would experience it at the desert.
Thank goodness I have a comfortable RV trailer I could sleep in.
My husband and I ended up traveling 20 miles out to the desert not really knowing where we were meeting up with the rest of our friends. We were told to follow the wire fence along the TB Sands on this up and down little dirt road

We met up w/about 15 other families and became part of the RV trailer circle.

I have to say it was fun as the desert can be so beautiful in the mornings.
I even went on a 2 hour ride in a Polaris ranger. Now mind you this younger gal Stella who was driving drove like a bat out of hell. At first all I could think was I am going to die!!

Thank goodness we had a pit stop to check on everyone and they knew I was a middle aged jittery chick so my driver gave me a bottle of jack/daniels lemonade. Now mind you just one soda bottle but it took the edge off of this wild experience. That's me down below with the red hair. I look like a chubby middle aged vegetable with googles on...

After that I started pretending that I was on a carnival ride and I could enjoy this.
Now mind you we ate allot of dust as you notice from the pictures I took down below.
But my goal is in my 50's to experience new things and to get out of my box in life.
I have to say I was proud of myself for this new experience!!!

Some new dolls I have been putting on ebay

These are some of the new dolls I have been doing. Lots and lots of color.
I am finding that this looks seems to be selling for me on ebay.
Thank goodness for tole painting experience.